I’m Not Over || rp idea/plot (complete)

44 BC - the beginning of the Roman Era. Augustus had just come into rule, and this was a blooming new beginning for the world. New ideas, concepts, lives were about to be started —- but deep in the slums of the streets, a witch brewed with anger. Aeliana Hortensius. Born into a life of witchcraft, she’d been trained in dark magic. All her life, Aeliana had been wishing for a child. She’d never felt love for any creature — not family, friends, animals — nothing. When she finally conceived, Aeliana was truly happy. For once in her life, the woman was filled with joy. She was filled with emotions that she had never felt before. Her dreams were finally coming true.

Night of the Full Moon. Aeliana went into child birth. Much to her surprise, everything was going fine. It seemed, at first, to be a normal, healthy labor. Then he came out, umbilical chord wrapped around his neck. He never had a chance. Distraught by the death of her son, Aeliana became depressed. Even more stone than she had been before. Having wanted her son so badly… Having seen his face, and then to have it ripped from her clutches so easily… She wouldn’t stand for this. If she couldn’t have her baby, no one could have one.

Book of Spells in hand, on the next full moon, she began to cast a curse on the generation that was to be born in the next coming years. Then lightning struck, distracting the witch at the most crucial point of her magic. With no way of turning back, Aeliana wept. Her spell had been switched. Instead of killing the next generation, she forced them to live forever — in a different sense. Every time one of them died, they were reincarnated with just a smidgen of their memories from a past life. Maybe it’s a feeling, or a thought; maybe even a dream, let it be known, that deep inside there is a bit of their past remaining with them. Aeliana was in a rut. What was she to do? After months of deliberating, she came up with a plan. Trapping all of her magic into her books, - the infamous spellbooks, the ones that held all of the secrets - she hid them deep inside her hut. As well, she drew up maps and wrote many riddles on how to find the coveted books. Days later, Aeliana died, having committed suicide. She hung herself outside of her hut and was buried just outside of the gates of Rome. 

April 16th 1880.

Robert Harrington, an archaeologist and young warlock, stumbled across the body of Aeliana in her makeshift grave. He traveled to her hut, later on, to do more research on the mysterious woman. He found her maps, riddles, notes and diary entries —- but sadly, no books. Though, Robert was more powerful than he seemed, and new more modern magic than Aeliana any day. He wrote up his own spell; one that allowed the children to end this tragic cycle that they were trapped in. Sadly, there was no way for him to cast it without the books. Robert, as cunning as he was, went back to America. He founded an academy. A private school that was built in luscious California. He used as much of his power as he could, casting another spell that lured all of the reincarnations to the school. Locked in the halls, the magic still sits there, to this day. 

Once the young adults arrived, Robert managed to explain to them the predicament. They began the adventure, taking trips to Rome, often, keeping journals to document their journey, and coming close to the answers. Though, Robert was an old man, and soon died. The students - distraught, scared and confused - weren’t sure how to continue the search without Robert, and though his son took after him (and his son after him, and his after him, and his after him…), in fear, they hid their journals around the school and soon died off after that…

Enter the current generation. Each student is a reincarnation and each one has a history. They are now a part of the mystery, but they don’t know it yet. With Dean Harrington - who is probably the creepiest descendant of Robert, to date - looming over them, who knows how long that will last?


Would anyone be interested in an RP like this? I don’t know. I’ve never been good at creating RPs…

I’ll probably write it as a novel, as well. It’ll be my first one, and I’m scared ~leshitless.